Our Liquids

At the Vaping Studio, we always receive rave reviews about our liquids. We have always believed that our liquids are what makes our store (second only to our customer service). We've always taken great pride in our liquids, and that's why we don't cut corners with any of our ingredients, or the mixing process.

All of our raw materials (vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavors and nicotine) are manufactured here in the United States, and all of them are USP grade; nothing but the best. When you start taking shortcuts to cut costs, you not only sacrifice quality, but you also start sacrificing safety. Neither of which are taken lightly at the Vaping Studio.

Our nicotine is derived from the tobacco plant, but is filtered to be as pure as absolutely possible. Our VG and PG are both USP grade 99.9% pure, and are safe for human consumption. Also, our flavors are all approved for human consumption as well, and are even often used to make candies and other edibles by other companies.

Along with all of this, we're so determined to continue to bring the best product possible to our customers that we only use bottles that meet all EPA and FDA requirements, and all of those bottles, caps, and applicator tips are made in the United States as well. You can rest assured that when you buy liquid from the Vaping Studio, absolutely every possible component of that liquid is made here in the United States, and it always will be.