RevTech Nitro

RevTech Nitro

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The RevTech Nitro is another mod from the amazing RevTech Company, and the little brother to the GTS. The Nitro utilizes two 18650 batteries, and has a maximum output of 200w. 

The box is clearly inspired by the sports car theme RevTech is known for, and is absolutely comfortable to hold in the hand. To be honest, this box couldn't be any smaller and still hold two 18650 batteries. 

The screen is simple, elegant, and stylish, and shows the wattage output, battery life and puff count on a tachometer style layout. Similar to the GTS, the Nitro has a menu button to access a scroll-able menu, allowing the user to select from different screen displays and power levels.

Be sure to check out to look out for firmware updates and new displays!

**The price of this device includes two (2) 18650 batteries.

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