Miscellaneous E-Liquids


*      Candy Cane: A sweet peppermint flavor that tastes just like Christmas, but tasty enough to enjoy year-round.

*      Cinnamonilla: Cinnamon and vanilla bean gelato.

*      Eye of Cyclops: White chocolate, milk chocolate, pecan and coconut.

*      Fire and Ice: Cool peppermint meets hot cinnamon to have you breathing fire like one of the Khaleesi’s dragons.

*      McLove Yourself: Black currant, watermelon, grape and menthol.

*      Orange Tac-Tic: Similar to the candy; sweet orange plus a hint of peppermint.

*      Party Crasher: A celebration of peach and watermelon until the party is crashed by cool menthol.

*      Red Hotz: A sweet and hot cinnamon flavor. Fans of Fire & Ice love this one!

*      Spear-A-Mint: Fresh and minty with smooth vanilla accents.

*      Sweet Caroline: Roses and lychee dipped in sugar.

*      Xylophone: Strawberry, chocolate and mint in musical harmony.