Tobacco E-Liquids


*      Arnie Palmer: Tee off with this Turkish tobacco base with sweet tea and a whisper of lemon.

*      Black Honey Tobacco: Sweet honey rapture complimented by a classic tobacco flavor (also available in menthol).

*      Breakfast Blend: A smooth rich tobacco flavor paired with frosted donuts and a hint of vanilla bean.

*      Canadian Cigar: A maple infused tobacco flavor inspired by our friends from the great white north.

*      Creamy Cowboy: The smoothest menthol flavor available, brought to you by western tobacco and crème de menthe.

*      Mighty Oak Tobacco: Traditional red tobacco base with an oak finish.

*      Mild Black Tobacco: A smoky tobacco that’s full bodied and still mellow.

*      Old School Tobacco: A raw tobacco blend with a hint of bourbon.

*      Ry4: An Asian tobacco blend, but 100% made in the USA. A strong rich tobacco flavor with dark, almost nutty, undertones. (also available in menthol)

*      Simply Red: Simple, classic and tasteful. A crisp tobacco blend. (also available in menthol)

*      Smooth Cowboy: An extremely smooth tobacco flavor you can enjoy even when you forget your cowboy hat. (also available in menthol)

*      Studio Blend: Our signature tobacco blend of Western, Turkish and RY4.

*      Sweet Tobacco: Mild tobacco with a hint of hazelnut; It goes great with morning coffee.

*      Swoosher Sweet: Mellow yet satisfying flavors all rolled up into a single vape.

*      Turkish Blend: A subtle tobacco taste from exotic places and arriving on the back of a camel.

*      Western Blend: A combination of two bold tobacco flavors tough enough for the Wild West.