Our Next Battle was Just Announced

Posted by Josh Hassing - GM on 31st Oct 2019

I have more news from the Capitol, and you’re probably not going to like it. It appears that senators and representatives from both sides of the isle are starting to agree more on a T-21 bill t … read more

News Appearances

Posted by Josh Hassing - GM on 22nd Oct 2019

Here are the links to the news stories the Vaping Studio was able to be involved with.FDA Proposes New Regulations Limiting E-Cig Sales To Minors - 11/15/2018Retailer Weighs In On Deaths, Cases of Lun … read more

The Truth Behind Tobacco

Posted by Josh Hassing - GM on 18th Oct 2019

Vaping was in the news again, and I had the opportunity to speak my piece with WCCO about the “health scare” that’s gripping the nation. I’ve told them before, and I’ve mentioned this in previous bl … read more

The Media Thrives On Your Fear

Posted by Josh Hassing - GM on 12th Sep 2019

Vaping is in the news again… Again! The problem with it, though, is that the news is failing miserably at actually mentioning the difference between the legal nicotine vapes and the illegal, black … read more

Getting the Truth Out

Posted by Josh Hassing - GM on 9th Sep 2019

Lately vaping has been on the news on almost a daily basis. Another hospitalization, another death, another expert with another idea. I admit it can be hard to try and figure out the truth when the … read more