Hand Crafted Menu



      Admir Crunch: Admir’s own cereal, a crispy rice/marshmallow flavor.

      Asteroid Pancakes: A blueberry donut that will launch your taste-buds out of this world!

      B-Rando’s Revenge: B-Rando is angry and out for revenge. He destroys everything in his path, leaving nothing except banana, custard, Irish cream and graham cracker in his path.

      Bakery Bomb: An explosion of vanillas and creams all wrapped up into a single bottle.

      Banana Nut Bread: Ripe bananas with a nutty essence, an overall rich and delectable taste.

      Blue Cheeze: A savory slice of blueberry cheesecake on a graham cracker crust.

      Blueburry Baked: A tasty desert comprised of blueberries, vanilla gelato and toasted marshmallows.

      Buttered Caramel Corn: Exactly how it sounds; state fair quality caramel corn with a creamy, buttery finish.

      Cap’n Crunkberry: Inspired by your favorite cereal, but won’t cut up the roof of your mouth.

      Caramel Craver: Hazelnut, marshmallow, vanilla swirl and caramel

      Coconut Cream Pie: Brisk, tropical coconut melts together with the velvety taste of cream pie.

      Crab with a Top Hat and Monocle:Butterscotch and vanilla brings you back to raiding grandmas purse for candies - but this flavor is not for kids. King of England!

      Custer Buster: Bavarian cream, vanilla cupcake, toasted marshmallow and hazelnut

      C’mon Master Chief: A creamy and smooth vanilla custard blend that is legendary across the universe.

      Gimme S’mo: Marshmallow, graham cracker and caramel come together around a campfire for your vaping pleasure.

      Golden MG: A graham cracker breakfast cereal flavor, the MG stands for milligrams.

      Good ol’ Glaze: Glazed donuts perfect for breakfast or any time of day.

      Glazed Buns: A liquid version of the Cinnabon delights from your favorite taco joint!

      Happy Burfday!: Celebrate every day of the year with a marbled cake topped with a light strawberry frosting.

      Key Lime Pie: Zesty key lime accented by a graham cracker crust.

      Lemon Party: A zesty lemon-based pastry that’s creamy and tart all at once, paired with a perfectly toasted graham cracker crust.

      Lucky Charmer: All marshmallows, none of the dry cereal bits.

      Medusa’s Snakes: Bavarian cream, strawberry and apricot.

      Monkey King’s Nanner: Banana, vanilla cupcake, Bavarian cream and hazelnut.

      Non-Compliance: Gingerbread, cinnamon/sugar cookie, vanilla bourbon.

      Orange Cram: A hot bakery flavor with custard, nectarine, vanilla and a whole bag of oranges crammed in.

      Orange You Glad: A perfect blend of orange cream, Trix cereal and sweet tea.

      Poppin’ Pineapple: Like biting into a piece of pineapple bread…. It’s probably a thing.

      Snaxxx: It’s like “Gimme S’more”, except with peanut butter… Because peanut butter makes everything better, and who doesn’t enjoy a snack?

      Strawberry Cheezequake: A delicious cheesecake dessert without the calories.

      The Velvet: Red velvet cake with vanilla custard notes.

      Tyler’s Special Sauce: If you think you like Key Lime Pie, you haven’t tried Key Lime Cheesecake. Don’t you think it’s about time you do?

      Vanilla Almond Milk: Exactly how it sounds, buddy!

      Vanilla Cupcake: Light and fresh taste of a fresh baked cupcake and vanilla frosting.

      Yogi Pear: A delicious blend of Greek yogurt, pear, apple candy and cinnamon danish.

      ;): Fruity circle cereal with milk just in case you missed breakfast.



      Apples 2 Apples: Apples and watermelon are back together to form a liquid that taste like your favorite fruit rope, you know the one I’m talking about… Don’t pretend you don’t.

      Banan-O-Rama: A banana smoothie flavor with hints of orange and pineapple.

      Batman’s Tearz: Nectarine, pineapple and kiwi make his tears irresistibly sweet, even though he experienced childhood sadness.

      Big Melons: A combination of the biggest melons we could get our hands on; watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew.

      Blue Machine: A fresh fruit smoothie with raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, pomegranate and a few other delicious tropical fruits all served over a rainbow sherbet.

      Blue Pom: Blueberries and pomegranate. Simple, sweet and elegant.

      Clampede: Yet another sequel to the famous Sharknado! A delicious mixture of strawberry and cotton candy.

      Cran Drop: A cranberry pomegranate candy type of drink.

      Cran Razz: The perfect blend of cranberries and raspberries, but probably with a few less anti-oxidants. Either way, it tastes pretty good.

      Deez Rainbows: Imagine chewing on a handful of Skittles all at once, and you’ve pretty much nailed it.

      Dragonfruit Punch: Like a fruity punch in the face from a dragon

      Eelruption: A volcanic explosion of blueberries and lemons.

      Eff the FDA: Philippine Mango and hibiscus.

      Energy Splash: A citrus flavor with a berry finish that will have you feeling refreshed.

      Faceblaster 9000: Black currant base with citrus and other fruity excitements to blast you in the face with flavor.

      Fairy’s Wand: Watermelon, pear, ripe banana and rainbow drops.

      Formula 814: Our take on the classic strawberry banana smoothie, made with creams and Greek yogurt.

      Freedom of Peach: Finally, peach can shine on its own and be free to invite champagne to join it!

      Gummi Bear-Accuda: Gummy bears for adults.

      Grape Crusher: A flavor that really pops in your mouth, sweet and tart just like the drink.

      Green Machine:Green Apple, Kiwi, and Mangos, a combination of green fruits resembling your favorite green juice!

      Haley’s Comet: An anise blend with a subtle fruity essence and a smooth blackberry finish.

      Handsome Gentleman: A delicious blend of pomegranate and honeydew.

      Honeyed Pear: Honeydew meets pear to make a refreshing flavor.

      Hopped Up: Apricot, Juicy Fruit Gum and Sweet Tarts make this candy favorite a real treat.

      Hypnosis: Hypnotic, orange, pomegranate, acai, strawberry.

      Impeachment: Pears and cantaloupe don’t want peach to stay, but if you taste this flavor you can obviously tell that peach is going nowhere.

      Indewbitably: Pineapple, honeydew, banana and Bavarian cream.

      Jackfruit Juggernaut: A juicy fruity gummy vape that is sure to cure vapor’s tongue.

      Julie Bean: A delicious and smooth blend of blood orange, mango, papaya and a few secret ingredients, including love.

      Livewire: A burst of orange, complimented by sweet and tangy citrus.

      Mango Manipulation: Mango, orange, pineapple and Bavarian cream.

      Mango Martini: Filipino mango with a dash of cranberry and the fizz of champagne.

      Miss Molly’s: A delicious pomegranate blend with honeysuckle tones.

      Nectar of the Gods: A creamy vanilla strawberry delivered by Zeus himself.

      Nectoplasm: Mango, nectarine, cantaloupe and watermelon.

      Orchard Extract: Tart apples and exotic papaya expertly blended together.

      Party Crasher: A celebration of peach and watermelon until the party is crashed by cool menthol.

      Peary Papaya: A fruity blend of fresh-from-the-tree picked pear and tropical papaya.

      Pearington:Pear and mango twisted up with a slight hint of banana, an easy all day vape.

      Pink Drink: Fresh strawberries, Filipino mango and lemon. Fruity, tangy, and more well-behaved than Purp Drank.

      Planet of the Ape-ricots: Apricots are teaming up with the nectarines to take over the world in this fruity flavor.

      Purp Drank: It tastes like what’s in Lil Wayne’s pimp cup, but you can probably still go to work after you vape it. Grape and citrus from the soul.

      Raspberry Limeade: Tart lime fizzing with the sweet compliment of raspberry.

      Red Machine:Raspberry, Cranberry, and Pomegranate, a combination of red fruits resembling your favorite red juice!

      Sea World: Sharknado, Whalevelanche, Eelruption, Squidnami and Clampede all teamed up together to give you the flavor of over twenty different fruits!

      Sharknado!: A fruity blend involving kiwi, dragonfruit and hibiscus. Named “Sharknado” because it’s as intense as a tornado full of sharks.

      Siren’s Song: Sweet peach, mango and juicy-fruit gum.

      Snazzy Blue Razzy: Blue raspberry with a whisper of watermelon and rainbow sherbet.

      Squidnami: Nectarine, orange, pomegranate, and citrus punch to make a flavor as legendary as a Kraken’s shipwreck.

      Tropic Thunder: An explosive roar of peach and tropical fruit that’s an island favorite.

      Tyler Bomb: Peach tea and lemonade come together to blow your taste buds away.

      Vapesicle: A tropical collaboration of pineapple, pomegranate and mandarin orange.

      Watermelon Burst: More than just your basic watermelon, you’ll compare it to a pink Starburst!

      Whalevalanche: A companion flavor to Sharknado! This fresh catch of the day features Swedish fish, passionfruit and mango.

      Wild Blueberry: Wet and wild blueberries making a vape that tastes like it’s fresh-picked out of the patch.

      Ye Olden Burry: Elderberry, jackfruit, peach and mango.


Coffee/ Miscellaneous:

      Bailey’s Dream: A rich Irish liqueur flavor blended with a coffee base and a bit of cream on top.

      Candy Cane: A sweet peppermint flavor that tastes just like Christmas, but tasty enough to enjoy year-round.

      Caramel Mocha: Kahlua, double chocolate, caramel, and milk

      Cinnamon Chai Tea: A perfect blend of cinnamon and chai, but won’t burn your tongue.

      Cinnamonilla: Cinnamon and vanilla bean gelato.

      Eye of Cyclops: White chocolate, milk chocolate, pecan and coconut.

      Fire and Ice: Cool peppermint meets hot cinnamon to have you breathing fire like one of the Khaleesi’s dragons.

      McLove Yourself: Black currant, watermelon, grape and menthol.

      Orange Tac-Tic: Similar to the candy; sweet orange plus a hint of peppermint.

      Red Hotz: A sweet and hot cinnamon flavor. Fans of Fire & Ice love this one!

      Smooth Menthol: Pure menthol flavor with no additives or preservatives.

      Spear-A-Mint: Fresh and minty with smooth vanilla accents.

      Sweet Caroline: Roses and lychee dipped in sugar.

      Vanilla Chai Tea: Same great Chai tea, but will smooth and creamy vanilla instead of cinnamon.

      Xylophone: Strawberry, chocolate and mint in musical harmony.



      Arnie Palmer: Tee off with this Turkish tobacco base with sweet tea and a whisper of lemon.

      Black Honey Tobacco: Sweet honey rapture complimented by a classic tobacco flavor. (also available in menthol)

      Canadian Cigar: A maple infused tobacco flavor inspired by our friends from the great white north.

      Creamy Cowboy: The smoothest menthol flavor available, brought to you by western tobacco and crème de menthe.

      Mighty Oak Tobacco: Traditional red tobacco base with an oak finish.

      Old School Tobacco: A raw tobacco blend with a hint of bourbon.

      Ry4: An Asian tobacco blend, but 100% made in the USA. A strong rich tobacco flavor with dark, almost nutty, undertones. (also available in menthol)

      Simply Red: Simple, classic and tasteful. A crisp tobacco blend. (also available in menthol)

      Smooth Cowboy: An extremely smooth tobacco flavor you can enjoy even when you forget your cowboy hat. (also available in menthol)

      Studio Blend: Our signature tobacco blend of Western, Turkish and RY4.

      Sweet Tobacco: Mild tobacco with a hint of hazelnut; It goes great with morning coffee.

      Swoosher Sweet: Mellow yet satisfying flavors all rolled up into a single vape.

      Turkish Blend: A subtle tobacco taste from exotic places and arriving on the back of a camel.

      Western Blend: A combination of two bold tobacco flavors tough enough for the Wild West.